Podcast E18: Now Convening! Philadelphia Works Launches New Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Partnership

Ellen Metro, the business engagement representative for hospitality & entertainment at Philadelphia Works, joins the program to discuss the benefits of joining an Industry Partnership (IP). Industry Partnerships connect employers, workers, and job training providers from a single industry to collaborate on improving the industry’s competitiveness and to address common workforce challenges.

 The Hospitality and Entertainment IP at Philadelphia Works is in its convening phase but already has garnered the attention of over 100 industry professionals. Focusing on restaurants, hotels, leisure and entertainment businesses, it will support workforce initiatives by offering training solutions, employee development, networking opportunities, and recruitment strategies. Through the collaboration of industry experts, it seeks to raise career industry interest and awareness by creating sustainable career pathways for the residents of Philadelphia and its surrounding region.

This IP is a Greater Philadelphia Hospitality and Entertainment NextGen Partnership, supported by a grant from the PA Department of Labor’s PAsmart Next Generation Industry Partnership Initiative under Governor Tom Wolf.