April 2021

A Message from H. Patrick Clancy

Informed and Encouraged

Greetings to all,

As we head into the spring months, I am motivated by the responsiveness of our City's leadership as we work together toward a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce and economy. Here at Philadelphia Works, there remains a sense of hope and excitement as we work and witness the amazing pandemic recovery efforts and notable accomplishments of our workforce staff and partners. We understand that developing our local workforce, in preparation for the jobs of the future, is an ongoing team effort. It takes elected officials and policymakers, community leaders and educators, advocates and mentors, program and training providers, and businesses and career seekers, all doing their part to transform Philadelphia into a place where everyone has the opportunity and access to the resources they need to thrive!

This month, our workforce focus is on data & trends, and workforce initiatives. Philadelphia Works is intentional about fostering an understanding of our region’s labor market and utilizing data to make informed decisions about how we invest public resources into smart workforce solutions. I encourage you to take the time and explore this newsletter to gain insight into our workforce landscape and to explore the public information we offer about labor market insights, high priority occupations, COVID-19 impacts, and more on our website at www.philaworks.org/data-trends.

Stay healthy and encouraged,

H. Patrick Clancy  


Monthly Workforce Focus: Data & Trends

Philadelphia Works utilizes data insights to invest in smart workforce solutions for a thriving local economy. Learn how understanding data and trends helps us and our stakeholders make informed decisions. 

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Data & Trends

One Year In: How Philadelphia Works Has Tracked the COVID-19 Employment Crisis

Over the past year, as Philadelphia and the world have fought through an unprecedented public health and economic crisis, the Data Performance and Labor Market Information Team at Philadelphia Works has provided and continues to provide timely and relevant analysis on the state of the city’s workforce.

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For Businesses

Quarterly Philadelphia Labor Market Report: April 2021

This quarterly report offers insight into key measures of economic activity, providing leaders across public and private institutions an easy-to-access update on Philadelphia's labor market.

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For Career Seekers


Introducing the PHL Career Portal, an online learning platform offering a variety of courses that were developed to help individuals strengthen their skills so that they can compete for the jobs they want!


Explore the PHL Career Portal Today!

Get Started on Your Pathway to Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship course is designed for individuals interested in starting their own business. Some classes included in the course are:

  • Creating a business plan
  • Financial planning
  • Marketing your business

The online course includes eight (8) self-paced classes. Individuals that complete the course will have the opportunity to connect with a local professional for mentorship.

To get started, set up an account using Acess Code:

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ICYMI: News & Events

Highlights from the Career Fair at Citizens Bank Park

Philadelphia Works, PA CareerLink® PHL, and the City of Philadelphia joined together to host the Citizens Bank Park Career Fair on March 25, 2021, aimed at the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL) industry. We hope that this career fair assisted in getting our city back to work and helps us continue on our road to economic recovery.

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Highlights from WINC Institute 2021: She's Still Standing, Stand with Her!

Be encouraged and motivated to champion for women in the trades with these highlights from this year's WINC Institute: She's Still Standing, Stand with Her!

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Additional Workforce Resources from Our Partners

What Business Owners Need to Know about the Latest Round of PPP

The federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has reopened applications for eligible businesses. Businesses that did not receive a PPP loan last year (“First Draw” businesses) are eligible to apply if they have 0-500 employees. Businesses that received a PPP loan last year and are seeking another PPP loan (“Second Draw” businesses) are eligible to apply if they have 0-300 employees. Sole proprietors may be eligible to apply.

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