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A Message from our President & CEO

Workforce Development: It's About All of Us

Each day, workforce development professionals across the world work diligently to create access and opportunity for people navigating our diverse and ever-changing labor market. Throughout my career, I have worked through a lot of tough economic seasons; I am not sure that any of them have been as challenging as this one.

The simultaneous COVID-19 pandemic and social justice reckoning that occurred over the last eighteen months caused businesses and families to have to make tough decisions about their futures. Labor, workforce and economic development leaders had to step up and offer support to their communities in innovative ways, sometimes bumping up against operational norms, all in the name of recovery. We all had to get comfortable with the discomfort of constant change and growing uncertainty.

Recently, City and State added me to their prestigious PA Labor Power 100 list. I share this honor with ninety-nine other influential leaders in the Commonwealth that have committed their professional careers to serve the workers who get up and go to work each day to build business and industry, strengthen our economy, and support their families. My point is that workforce development is about all of us. Trade worker and union leader, student and teacher, legislator and constituent. Let's keep working together and respecting one another's unique, yet vital roles in the system to make this nation, this state, and our great City of Philadelphia, a place where we all have the opportunity to thrive!

Monthly Workforce Focus: National Workforce Development Month

One Tough Cookie

The U.S. Senate recently passed a resolution naming September 2021 Workforce Development Month.
Read the full resolution here.

National Workforce Development Month was created to raise awareness about the importance of our growing industry to the national economy. As Philadelphia's Workforce Development Board, Philadelphia Works provides critical connections in our community. We connect businesses to talented career seekers and career seekers to the education, training, and supportive resources they need to build family-sustaining careers. For National Workforce Development Month 2021, we want to celebrate the importance of community in workforce development with a highlight of how employees and businesses utilize our workforce system to learn, earn, and grow. Read our employer partner success story below:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Philadelphia Works’ regional Next Generation Hospitality & Entertainment Industry Partnership (H&EIP) worked with The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company to provide the popular small business with training funds. These funds allowed their incumbent employees (current staff) to learn a new piece of baking equipment. This training helped The Famous 4th Street bakery remain open throughout the economic slowdown.

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Data & Trends

Philadelphia Works 2021-22 Recovery Occupations Report

Based on labor market analysis and current conditions, our strategy for investment during recovery.

As Philadelphia’s Workforce Development Board, Philadelphia Works manages the strategic investment of federal, state, local, and private funding into job training and employment programming throughout the city and Southeastern Pennsylvania region. While our community navigates economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, now, more than ever, we are prioritizing timely opportunities in occupations that are experiencing employer demand now; show promise for future growth; pay livable wages, and are accessible to workers with diverse educational and employment backgrounds. Serving as a catalog, this document provides detailed information on each Recovery Occupation including wages, required skills and certifications, top industries of employment, and more. In addition to traditional data sources, private employers were consulted to confirm that these details are current and locally relevant.

For Businesses

Services to Help Your Business Grow!

Businesses, need more support during these uncertain times? At no cost to you, Philadelphia Works offers a variety of resources to hire, grow, and retain local talent.

We will:
• Connect you to a pipeline of qualified diverse candidates
• Train and develop your workforce
• Partner for innovative workforce solutions to grow your business
• Assist with connecting you to local resources

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For Career Seekers

Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative

Connect Your Community to Industry-Focused Career Tracks!

Philadelphia Works, Graduate! PhiladelphiaAccenture, and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia partnered together to create a flexible and engaging training program called the Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative. 

The Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative provides the necessary training and support that will enable job seekers in Philadelphia to make successful career transitions. Learners will have access to a variety of online and smartphone courses and resources covering: Foundational Skills, Career Planning and Job Search, Professional Skills, and Job Tracks, and more.
*Several courses are offered in both English and Spanish*

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ICYMI: News & Events

Workforce Development Symposium 2021

On Tuesday, September 21, Patricia Blumenauer, Jamie Jelly Murtha, and Hillary Shayne will present their Recovery Occupation plan and provide guidance on how to use data-driven decision-making to reproduce this COVID-considerate strategy locally at PA Workforce Development Association(PWDA)'s Workforce Development Symposium 2021. This strategy prioritizes investment in training for occupations that are experiencing demand now; pay livable wages; require only short-to-moderate term training and education, and are middle-skill or low-skill entry points with opportunities for advancement. Learn how to identify your region's Recovery Occupations and coordinate implementation across teams, providers, and partners.

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Pandemic unemployment benefits have ended for nearly 9 million Americans

Federal unemployment insurance of $300 a week has now ended for nearly 9 million Americans.

"The way the politics are playing out right now, I think it will be hard for that $1,200 a month to be reinstated when there's been so much of an outcry for workers that are needed in various industries," says Patrick Clancy, who is the president and CEO of Philadelphia Works, a nonprofit that helps connect people with jobs and training.

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Workforce News & Resources from our Partners

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Survey - Youth Aged 16-24

The Workforce Development Boards of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Montgomery counties (known as the Southeast Pennsylvania Workforce Development Planning Region – or SEPA) are coming together to survey youth aged 16-24 who are neither in the workforce nor enrolled in education to better understand their needs, barriers, motivations, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted them.  The results of this study will help guide county-based and regional strategies to reengage youth in educational and occupation programs. 

If you are between the ages of 16-24 and are not enrolled in school and not employed and you live in Southeast PA, you are eligible to take this survey. The first 1000 eligible participants receive a $10 gift card.

Please take the survey at:

Link to Spanish Survey:

If you are not eligible to take the survey but know someone who is, please share the link!

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