2022-2023 Draft High Priority Occupation List

Philadelphia, PA, USA, April 8, 2022

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Workforce System has established High Priority Occupations (HPOs) as one component of Pennsylvania’s industry-driven approach to workforce development. The purpose of the HPO lists is to align workforce training and education investments with occupations that are in demand by employers, have higher skill needs and are most likely to provide family-sustaining wages.

  • Unmet employer demand for talent
  • Career Pathways
  • Local workforce initiatives/sector partnerships

Draft list for 2022-2023 High Priority Occupations List

Employers; workforce, education, training and economic development agencies; and members of the public may request that Philadelphia Works, Inc. petition for the inclusion of an occupation in the 2022-2023 High Priority Occupations for Philadelphia county. Interested individuals may email data@philaworks.org by May 1, 2022 to request a petition, including the following information:

  • A detailed explanation of why the occupation should be included as a High Priority Occupation for Philadelphia.
  • Which petition method is most appropriate for the petition: Unmet Employer Demand; Career Pathway; or Local Workforce Initiatives/Sector Partnerships.
  • Copies of required letters for the petition type chosen, including those provided by employers, initiative leaders, or sector partnership leaders. If you have not obtained these signed letters yet, please list the letter writers that have committed to writing letters for the petition.

The Research & Data department of Philadelphia Works, Inc. will review each petition request and respond to the requester as soon as possible. As the Workforce Development Board of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Works is responsible for submitting all HPO petitions to the state CWIA agency by close of business, June 10, 2022. The CWIA will release the final 2022 HPO lists in August 2022.

View the 2022-2023 HPO Draft List for Philadelphia County

View the 2022-2023 Petition Form

Learn more about High Priority Occupations (HPOs) and the HPO Methodology: The commonwealth’s workforce development strategy targets education and training investments to High Priority Occupations, or HPOs. HPOs are used to identify workforce programs that provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter, maintain, or advance their careers. View the PA Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA) 2021-2022 final High Priority Occupations List (these lists are valid from August 1, 2021, through July 31, 2022).



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