Current Labor Market Conditions: Monthly Updates for Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, USA, October 5, 2021

Updated September 30, 2021

The Current Labor Market Conditions dashboard provides the most up-to-date, high-level look at Philadelphia's labor market. State, federal, and private data sources help us understand how our local economy and workforce are performing over time. For more detailed information related to workforce demographics, patterns of industry employment, and more, explore our other sections found under the Data and Trends page.

Below are the main highlights for this month:

  1. Philadelphia’s unemployment rate inched up to 9.6% in August as labor force and employment numbers remained flat. Continuing the pattern we have seen throughout the recovery, our unemployment rate remains well above those of the state and country. Remember that these numbers are from August, so they don’t include any potential effects from the extended benefits ending in early September. Our team is currently conducting a large survey that will hopefully shed some light on why residents are not returning to work as quickly as we expected.
  1. On the jobs front, Philadelphia employers added more than 2,000 individuals to payrolls in August. Almost all of this was from the government services sector, which recovered from a pretty sharp decline in July. Year-over-year, the Leisure and Hospitality sector has added more than 10,000 jobs as those employers continue to struggle to fill positions.
  1. New initial unemployment claims dropped in August, following a sharp rise that occurred in July. Meanwhile, monthly job postings continue to rise as the labor market continues to tighten.


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