One Year In: How Philadelphia Works Has Tracked the COVID-19 Employment Crisis

Philadelphia, PA, USA, April 12, 2021

Over the past year, as Philadelphia and the world have fought through an unprecedented public health and economic crisis, the Data Performance and Labor Market Information Team at Philadelphia Works has provided and continues to provide timely and relevant analysis on the state of the city’s workforce.

For business and policy leaders, the ability to see where economic impacts are concentrated and where opportunities persist can improve decision-making and better leverage public resources during this time of recovery.  

Using data from several different sources, we have relied on methods of triangulation to paint as clear a picture as possible of Philadelphia's economy. Unemployment claims submitted to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, official figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the state Center for Workforce Information and Analysis, and online job postings scraped from the internet have collectively shaped our analyses.  

We have compiled these sources into a single interactive visualization. Feel free to explore and see how COVID-19 has affected Philadelphia’s labor market and its workers.  

For the most up-to-date information, see our regular recovery and labor market reporting, found on the Data and Trends page of our website.