Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative: Let's Grow Together!

Philadelphia, PA, USA, July 28, 2021

Connect to the Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative and receive access to training and career advancement opportunities that actively support your future!

The Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative (Skills Forward) is a partnership between Philadelphia Works, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Accenture, and Graduate! Philadelphia. The goal of the initiative is to provide 5,000 individuals in Philadelphia with training, skill development, and employment opportunities that support career pathways and helping individuals earn more money. Below is everything you need to know to get connected!

  1. When I connect to the Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative, what will I receive?
    As a Skills Forward learner, you will receive access to:
  • A choice to enroll in (3) Skills Training Courses:
     - Health Tech and Administration  - Enrolling Now!
     - Information Technology
     - Entrepreneurship

  • Mentorship that will (1) guide you on your professional journey and (2) interview with local companies hiring for in-demand occupations.
  • The PHL Career Portal, a free training and resource hub where workers can strengthen their digital literacy skills, get help with career exploration and job search, develop their resumes, and learn how to make their professional profile stand out on networking sites.
  1. How much are the courses?   
    The fundamentals courses are being offered at no cost to all Philadelphia residents. Individuals who demonstrate eligibility may also qualify for tuition assistance to continue their education and attain an industry-recognized credential.
  2. Who is eligible?
    Skills Forward serves everyone. Whether you are already on a career path, in college/college-bound, seeking first-time employment, or a career transition, the program is designed to meet individuals right where they are.
  3. How do I get started?
    There are two ways to get connected:

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